Sunday, October 21, 2007

20 Simple Tips To Reduce Stress

• Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.

• Drink plenty of water. Minimum of 8 glasses per day.

• Read good books to divert mind.

• Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

• Make a ‘To do list’ and a time table for each day well in advance.

• Share your feelings with friends and loved ones.

• Forgive others. Don’t remain angry for long.

• Be frank and Open-minded.

• Concentrate on hobbies.

• Take breaks in between work. Don’t work too long.

• Get enough rest. Sleep at least 7 hrs a day.

• Get a body massage done by an experienced masseur.

• Laugh and develop a sense of humor.

• Exercise regularly.

• Think positively.

• Wear your favorite clothes and dress up well.

• Set reasonable goals.

• Contribute to a good cause.

• Love and respect yourself and others.

• Have safe ,protected sex.

Try visualization. Visualization is similar to Daydreaming. But done in a systematic manner. Follow the steps mentioned below to gain maximum benefits from visualization.

A, Find a quiet room or place without any disturbances. No radios, televisions, or Mobile phones.

B, Become aware of your breathing and notice how the diaphragm expands and contracts as you breathe.

C, Make a mental picture of tension in your muscles - see a clenched fist or a tightly contorted facial muscle.

D, Watch the fist open, the face smooth out. Move down the body from head to toes, visualizing tight muscles and seeing them relax and smooth out.

E, Imagine yourself in a beautiful garden, a sunny golden beach, in green, scented woods, or in any place which for you like the most. If you don’t have such a place invents one.

G, Now Imagine about all sweet and happy things you want to happen in life. Example becoming very rich person, Becoming a world famous sports person, or spending a holiday with your favorite celebrity.

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